Mandibular prognathism is a protrusion of the mandible or mouth making the face long. It can be classified into types: macrogenia and mandibular prognathism (or progenism). Macrogenia is a case of an overly enlarged chin with normal mandible size and occlusion. On the other hand, mandibular prognathism, or progenism, is caused by over development of mandible leading to malocclusion where the lower jaw outgrows the upper.
Surgery procedure for mandibular prognathism is determined by the level of teeth malocclusion, bone development and other physical conditions. Operation can be performed on either on mandible only or on both jaws. Operation method is determined after thorough consulting with surgeons.
Traditionally, mandibular prognathism treatment takes three steps: one year orthodontic treatment, jaw correction surgery and another year of orthodontic treatment. However, during the orthodontic treatment period before surgery, mandible is more protruding and teeth malocclusion is getting worse. As a result, patients often have serious stress.However, orthodontic treatment after surgery is necessary since mandible can protrude again when the occlusion is not perfectly corrected.
To address such issues, Regen provides pre-operation without pre-orthodontic treatment before correction surgery. The pre-operation is based on a set-up model which is developed by a prediction of pre-orthodontic treatment result. With the set-up model, precise scale of mandible movement is calculated. After surgery, yet-to-be stabilized occlusion is fixed by Wafer, occlusion fixation equipment. Our technology substantially reduces the total treatment time, patients’ inconvenience and psychological burden.
Mandible surgery is applicable to mandibular prognathism cases with normal facial length. The surgery pushes mandible back with protecting mandible nerves and minimizing influence on jaw joints.
1. Identify nerve locations, thickness and length of bone through 3D CT scanning

2. Excise between jaw bone and joint

3. Correct the location of both maxilla and mandible

4. Trim and fix the bones
Possible to cut the treatment period by pre-operation!

In the past, the correction took 2-3 years since 1-2 years and another 6 months of orthodontic treatments were required before and after the surgery. Recently, however, so called “pre-operation” which corrects mandibular prognathism is widely performed. The new procedure substantially decreases the orthodontic treatment period and now all the treatment completes within 6-12 months.
[Treatment period by previous operations]
[Treatment period by correction surgery after pre-operation]
※ How to determine whether to perform pre-operation or not
The possibility can be determined after analyzing teeth molding of each patient. It is not determined by the severity of mandibular prognathism but the level of teeth malocclusion.